Leadership in the Community

We have pursued an aggressive campaign to eliminate waste in our processes, leading to a significant operational cost savings. Continuous process improvement initiatives driven by the principles of Six Sigma are allowing us to expand our workforce like never before.

We are proud to invest in our local community.  Increasing the employment level in our community allows families, social organizations and non-profits to thrive.  Reliant Worldwide Plastics is proud to be involved with our local social organizations.  We especially have a heart for a local food assistance program operated by V.I.S.T.O. (Volunteers in Service to Others).  Their Backpack Buddy Program helps feed children in the local community on the weekends. School age children are fed during the week at school; however,  there are many in the community who do not eat properly on the weekends. Reliant supports V.I.S.T.O. with food drives and finds ways to tie internal incentives to additional donations for the Back Pack Buddy Program.

For more information visit: http://www.vistohelps.com/Default.aspx?pageId=1079354