educationWe understand that a healthy and educated work force is key to continuous improvement as well as our continued success.  In a time when many organizations are allowing the employees to feel the ever rising cost of health care, Reliant Worldwide Plastics provides employees a comprehensive, company-paid health plan. We also provide employee assistance, enabling team members to obtain specialized assistance outside of the standard health care package

Reliant takes our commitment to our employees' future even further with internship programs open to the college age children of our employees. Our interns are involved with the day to day decision making process of various department managers and see how they effectively navigate day to day business issues.  Reliant is also able to keep a fresh point of view as only given by the younger generation.

Brent  – “Working at Reliant has really improved my ability to understand and perform in both academia and the business world. The wonderful people at K&D took their time in making sure I understood what they were showing me and then challenged me to over perform. I am now better prepared than my peers for what lies ahead in the business world. – Summer 2010

Jennifer - "While interning with Reliant Worldwide Plastics I learned the daily operations of a manufacturing company from the ground up. I worked with the executive team on several projects and assisting them in discovering solutions and possible news ways of production. My time at RWP has definitely given me a competitive edge as well as real world experience." - Summer 2011  - Sum