Reliant Worldwide Plastics has partnered with the North Texas Corporate Recycling Association.


Reliant Worldwide Plastics is steadfast on its belief in protecting our environment and is now a member of the North Texas Corporate Recycling Association.  The North Texas Corporate Recycling Association exists to promote recycling and the use of recycled goods to area businesses through leadership, advocacy and education.  Reliant takes great pride in its recycling efforts and last year Reliant recycled over 86,000 pounds of scrap plastic keeping it from a landfill.  Reliant also chooses to wash and reuse all shop rags regardless of how greasy they are.  Even though more costly than buying new rags and sending more environmentally damaging material to the landfill, Reliant is committed to protecting the environment regardless of the expense. 

Reliant is proud to be recently nominated for a Green 3 Award given by the NTCRA.  The Green 3 Awards recognize the outstanding efforts among NTCRA members to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  We look forward to continuing our efforts to promote stewardship of the earth and working towards a greener tomorrow.