metal to plastic

Reliant’s patented Homogeneous Connective Technology allows you to replace critical metal infrastructure for less cost and less weight. Our metal-to-plastic conversions can be tailored to your needs and with reproducible, exact placement of key structures combined with durable plastic over molding that provides cosmetic perfection along with the strength required.


RELIANT-LITE technology is a perfect fit for:

  • Tray table arms
  • Monitor mounts
  • Foot rests
  • Armrest parts
  • Spreaders
  • Brackets
  • Substructures
  • Boxes
  • Almost any interior component currently being made from metal


 Homogenous Connective Technology, or HCT, means that the carbon fiber substructure and the thermoplastic are one part, bonded through the manufacturing process at a molecular level.  RELIANT-LITE is able to have mounting fixtures molded into the part as opposed to traditional composites or thermo composites that must rely on fasteners or adhesives.  This allows for mounting fixtures to have homogenous connectivity with the part further enhancing the load it is able to withstand

Unlike composite parts:

  • There is no epoxy that can cause sharp edges in impact
  • Parts can be thermoformed to many different shapes
  • Thermoplastics is a relatively rapid process
  • Thermoplastics are far more Green than composites
  • There is not brittle resins in use joining unlike materials (non-homogenous)
  • No polyesters
  • The strength of our product is NOT based on glue


Unlike carbon or glass filled parts:

  • The placement of the continuous fiber strands is exact each time, glass or other filled materials is not sustainable for testing since placement of the fibers can take an infinite number of variations – failure at key strength points is inevitable.
  • Reliant's HCT parts flex similar to metal parts and don’t break with jagged edges like carbon filled resins have been prone to do in testing.


Below is just an example of the weight savings:


metal to plastic metal to plastic
metal to plastic metal to plastic