Vertical Burn Lab

The Dickson chart recorder lets Reliant chart the actual relative humidity and temperature that is collected for a 24 hour period on a seven day cycle.  Burn specimens must be kept at 70 degrees Fahrenheit +/- five degrees and a relative humidity 50% +/- five percent for a minimum of 24 hours before test is acceptable.

The Thermolyne Pyrometer is used to measure the flame temperature in the vertical burn chamber which must be a minimum of at least 1550 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is another FAA requirement that must be met before the test can be considered an official test and can be recorded.

Simply put, ISO9001:2008 + AS9100C requirements exceed nearly any plastics application we've encountered.  Any requirements and testing that you may require will be routine to Reliant and our qualified staff.  Since everything we handle follows the AS9100 way, you get the benefits of a high quality environment in every part we manufacture.