Parts Manufacturing Approval

Parts Manufacturing Approval, (PMA), is a combined design approval and manufacturing processes for replacement and modification parts on type-certificated aircraft from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  Reliant has held our parts manufacturing approval for 10 years and all of our parts for our aviation industry customers go through the rigid FAA approval processes. In this day and age every airline looks for new cost reduction methods.  Using PMA parts gives airlines the cost savings they desire with the security of FAA-approved suppliers and many airlines work with these suppliers to develop replacement parts.  All PMA parts distributed must meet or exceed the FAA and industry standards and use of these parts must in no way affect the airworthiness of the aircraft.

This is yet another strong testimony to business in any vertical market of the product quality you can expect from Reliant.  Our procedures remain in place no matter what product we are producing, ensuring that quality and conformance are strict priorities.