Fabrication Inspection

Reliant utilizes state-of-the-art inspection equipment in conjunction with distinct points of inspection throughout the manufacturing process. We utilize DataColor data-based storage driven spectrophotometers in different phases of production to ensure all colors match the standards requested by our clients.  Once the standard color match has been approved by our customers and the 31 point spectral data is loaded, the data can be retrieved at anytime.  The issue of color deterioration over a period of time or variation from order to order is eliminated.    With each order, we have the ability to produce a complete color analysis.  Any checks that you require can be performed prior to shipping the order.

Reliant also takes great pride in the way we inspect incoming raw material. We handle and mix our material with state of the art moisture analysis equipment, melt flow rheometers and others are used to ensure that material is up to the exact standards specified by the manufacturers. The MicroScribe G2X is used for dimensional checks and First Article Inspection.  Reliant is also willing to do any other inspection that may be required.