Sub Assembly & Light Manufacturing

Our many years of expertise in assembling components for the aerospace, consumer goods and other industries allow us to bring timely, high quality solutions while producing highly cosmetic parts at a competitive cost.

A few benefits outsourcing sub-assembly services include:

  • Reduced labor costs:  completion of basic manufacturing functions can be done less expensively in the warehouse environment
  • Decreased lead times on key products
  • Freed-up inventory and production line space

Many of our assemblies incorporate metal, plastic, electrical, rubber, industrial textiles, foams, polyurethane and other materials.  Our low cost location combined with our experience working in Asia and Mexico enables us to be highly competitive in the marketplace.   Our centralized location means less risk, no VAT tax and no inventory carrying costs.

In a world economy however, we know there will be some parts manufactured in low cost regions of the world.  We can easily arrange shipping of sub components as we do your sub assembly.   Relianthas significant worldwide resources and contacts to provide robust design, manufacturing, engineering and just-in-time solutions for low-volume, high-complexity assembly and module builds.