Do you need or are your end customers demanding that you comply with sequencing requirements?  Reliant has years of experience in the sequencing arena.  Allow us to deliver the parts to your plant, ready to be integrated in your production line without wasting time and human resources.

Our sequencing solutions can load boxes/pallets/trucks in the correct order for delivery to your distribution center or manufacturing lines in either lot number, order of use, ship set or serial numbered order.  To meet your business requirements we focus on systems capable of translating the incoming production requirements into the actual production sequence, verifying the products built, validating the truck load sequence and supporting shop floor personnel.

What are the benefits?

From the manufacturer’s perspective, sequencing maximizes assembly line space, minimizes in-house inventory, increases turnaround for engineering changes due to lower inventory levels, and ultimately decreases overall cost per unit produced.

From the supplier’s perspective, the benefits of sequencing include the fact that the visibility of required parts is more accurate, using information for production and purchasing requirements. When implemented successfully, it also increases a client manufacturer's satisfaction levels, opening the doors for more sequencing work from other customers.