Secondary Operations

Reliant carefully monitors all secondary operations within the production process including:

  • Trimming:  removes fine flash that appears along the parts that many producers ignore.
  • Ultrasonic welding:  is the ability to insert metallic objects into the plastic securely without compromising the structure.
  • Functional testing:  insures that every part is able to perform the specified task that it was given.
  • CNC Fabrication:  Reliant uses a Diversified Machine Systems (DMS) 5 Axis CNC router machine for all precision parts.  Our CNC machine allows us to control tolerances for even the strictest of standards. Our use of vacuum fixtures enables us to run multiple parts at a given time ensuring we can meet your delivery time frame every time
  • Inserts:  incorporating receptors for bolts screws and other metallic attachment devices
  • Assembly / Light Manufacturing:  including parts that come in many different pieces are assembled on site for the ease of the consumer
  • Painting
  • Silk Screening / Pad Printing
  • Bonding
  • Heat Staking


Reliant has the capability to work with any inserts that your application may require.  Since the founding of the company in 1968, Reliant has seen many changes in the type of inserts and processes for installing plastics.  We pride our self as being able to take the lead with industry standards and will continue to push them forward as product applications evolve.

Not only has the design and application of inserts changed but so has the material from which they are manufactured.  We use a number of different insert designs which can be produced from several different materials.  We use numerous methods of installation from press-in, ultrasonic, heat stake, and molded-in, all being performed to customer requirements.  At Reliant, we pride ourselves on staying on the cutting edge and are not limited by the type of inserts or the installation process.  We encourage you to challenge us with whatever material or insert application you may require.