Rescued Troubled Projects

Usually by the time you find out a project is on fire, it is beyond internal fixes or timeline extensions.   What you need is an expert to pull underperforming projects back from the brink of failure, protect your end customer deliveries, save your reputation from harm and defend your revenue streams.

While not every project can be rescued, Reliant Worldwide Plastics has the track record and expertise to get failing projects back on track while meeting budget constraints. 

  • Reliant has successfully transferred hundreds of tools--most of which came from troubled projects or from other injection molding companies who were no longer cost competitive or who lacked the expertise to design to your specifications
  • Our master molders, master tool makers and engineers leverage their combined experience to quickly assess existing drawings or tooling, identify root causes of failure, recommend appropriate corrective actions and quickly implement.  In the end your satisfaction and that of your customers are our goals