manufacturing at ReliantReliant operates more than 24 presses ranging from 38 ton to 950 ton in a consistent mode of improvement and innovation.  We examine forward-looking technologies and molding techniques enabling us to constantly expand the base of what we can do.  We excel with the use of real- time processing controls such as Bear Tracker and maximize scheduling efficiency with the right use of operator and automated-run presses.

Custom Molding

Reliant is an industry leader with structural foam, insert over-molding and in-mold decorating.  With a deep and diverse background in injection molded plastics, we are able to quickly personalize our equipment and staff to minimize cost, increase efficiency and reduce project time.  Our flexibility allows us to reduce the time required to quote projects accurately, thoroughly and cost-effectively.  In fact, we can competitively address inexpensive, high-quality molds from both domestic and foreign sources including a wide range of job sizes with very low minimum order quantities.

We aim to set the standard for custom molding by:Reliant Worldwide manufacturing

  • Always using your preferred materials, even if they are scarce on the market 
  • Making a massive range of different sized parts
  • Working from an extensive background in injection molding, structural foam, insert over-molding, in-mold decorating, and many other techniques
  • Maintaining speedy production
  • Serving clients' needs world wide
  • Facilitating both large-scale and small production runs with exceptional minimums
  • Offering consistently competitive pricing