Reliant offers useful solutions for packing, re-packing and shipping different combinations of several items at your request.  Multiple items can be assembled into customized kits, ready to use which will be delivered, just-in-time, to your manufacturing plant, dealer or any other final destination.

To be successful in kitting you have to worry about the small things.  A successful material kitting operation requires broad fulfillment capabilities and robust inventory management systems.  We leverage a strong network of component manufacturers and commodity managers that have the skill set required to procure these materials in a timely manner at a competitive cost.  We will manage either multi or, single-source suppliers as well as spot market purchases all with a close eye on your forecast. 

Material kitting solutions of this type have many advantages over traditional assembly operations.  Cost savings emerge with the ability to manage smaller purchase quantities and dynamically manage inventory.

The benefits of Reliant kitting solutions include:

  • Stringent quality control
  • Kit creation based upon production forecasts
  • Development of service repair kits for field support
  • Complete serialized tracking management
  • Increased manufacturing efficiency by delivering parts in a format that minimizes search time
  • Increase pick/pack/ship throughput
  • Aid in identification of items
  • Reduced parts handling
  • Enhanced safety at the point of use
  • Reduction of waste and reuse of inspected components for service support (a green methodology)