Just in Time

There is tremendous benefit to incorporating Just in Time (JIT) lean manufacturing within your company product management practices.  JIT makes production operations more efficient, cost effective and responsive to your needs.  When you purchase and receive components just before they're needed on the assembly line, it relieves you of the cost and burden of housing and managing idle parts and decreases your cash to cash cycle.

What will our JIT processes do for you?

Some things that may surprise you.  A good amount of cash will appear as in-process inventory is built out and sold.  Another surprising effect will be the accelerated response time of your build cycle letting you get product to a customer or point of purchase more quickly.  Utilizing VMI also supports a build-to-order strategy which in turn decreases obsolescence risk.

If you outsource JIT functions, be sure you partner with a company such as Reliant who understands close tolerances and part standards since one of the risks of JIT is that since assemblers no longer have a choice of which part to use, every part has to fit perfectly.   You will have to be ensured that your parts are delivered within specs or risk line stoppages.  Reliant  does this through statistical controls and multiple quality checks making sure you have the right fit on a part every time.