Inspection & Sorting

Reliant dimensionally inspects all of our products and can also inspect any product shipped to us for sub assembly to your specifications.  We determine if the material or item is the proper quantity, color and condition.  Defective parts are removed from production lots by using visual sorting and gauging techniques or automated high-speed test systems. 

Why do we do this?

Strict specifications and quality standards in production lines have become a major issue in the acceptance and use of industrially manufactured parts recently.  All major industries, including automotive, aerospace and medical product manufacturers using assembly standards, have moved from sigma level sampling to zero defect requirements. Without being able to provide 100% accuracy in production, a manufacturer may not be worthy of your business.

 Reliant is used to the exceptionally rigorous demands of the aerospace industry.  We routinely check critical dimensions such as gauging, groove inspection, critical surface fit points, overall dimensional checks and inspection of inserts by type and thread.   This expertise gives us the stable skill-set to inspect any critical dimension you desire.


We also have the in house capability to create GO/NOGO gauges that allow fast accurate checking of each and every part.  One often overlooked advantage of the constant checks during our ISO9001 + AS9100B certified process is that tool wear becomes apparent sooner and repairs can be made before breakage occurs or timely production is threatened.  Worn tools also create poor quality parts forcing non-value added labor in post production, thus adding costs to the process.

We have found that our aerospace experience translates exceptionally well into many other industries we serve, and we are ready to demonstrate it versus any competition.