Product Services

Today’s economic environment has many companies reevaluating their value chains (or more accurately value grids) as they shift from linear to three dimensional thinking around business cross linkages and relationships.  While some manufacturers seem resigned to just push for price concessions from suppliers and perhaps ignore the true landed cost of goods, market leaders are forming stronger, broader relationships with key suppliers with aligned values and capabilities. 

The industry's leading supply chains have evolved from a linear, potentially adversarial procurement model and created avenues to create long-term sustainable value.  These businesses work with their strategic suppliers to refine their relationships and implement business sustainability concepts into every transaction.  Creating a healthy supplier base by assisting each other to drive costs out of the supply chain creates truly sustainable partnerships.

Leading companies emphasizing business sustainability are implementing:

  • Supply alliances: shifting to longer-term relationships with sustainable business partners
  •  Integrated supply: a sustainable integrated flow and view of materials
  • Sustainable product quality standards: business sustainability standards prevalent in material selection, manufacturing process and product packaging 
  • Supplier commitments: suppliers aligned with client business metrics
  • Supplier compliance: companies work with business partners to meet specific sustainability targets and thus drive improvements together

Reliant Worldwide Plastics provides holistic value, actively drives costs out of not just the individual component but the entire supply chain.  Piece price is just one facet of the equation.  A true partner looks at the cost of raw materials, shipping, labor costs, warehousing, inventory costs and order fulfillment and attacks each of these providing real solutions to help a client maintain a competitive edge. 

Our offerings allow you to reduce inventory and labor costs associated with the handling of component parts and sub assembly manufacturing.  Consolidation of assembly and light manufacturing drives our shipping and handling costs while delivering our products to you just in time.  Combine this with our extensive experience in plastic injection molding as well as low cost of operations and we will drive value not just for today but for the life of your product.