Multi-component retrofit program to launch in June 2017

Plano, Texas, April 4, 2017 - Reliant Worldwide Plastics, LLC, a leading global provider of injection-molded products and services to the commercial aerospace industry, along with one of its customers has jointly conceived, designed, and will launch a multi-component retrofit program in June 2017 that will save airlines over one pound per seat. Reliant is responsible for two of the five kit components including the joint-design and application of a Reliant-Lite Armrest Assembly utilizing Reliant’s patented Homogenous Connective Technology along with a newly styled matching endbay bumper.
Utilizing a unique process to molecularly bond thermoplastics and carbon fiber impregnated composites, Reliant Worldwide Plastics has created a way to replace traditional aluminum structural, semi-structural and cosmetic components with its patented Homogenous Connective Technology (HCT), saving on average 40% weight while exceeding the strength of metal parts. Utilizing Reliant’s patented thermal management over molding systems, the 100% affinity of the structure and over mold resins results in a completely homogenous molecular bond between the carbon substructure and the over molded customer facing shell giving the finished part the strength of aluminum at a significantly reduced weight. Reliant has developed a number of different parts utilizing this technology that are flying on commercial aircraft today and has many more in the works.