The reliability of modern appliances many times dictates the success of the entire product lines in the market.  With consumers easily having access to quality reports on consumer products, the failure of seemingly insignificant plastic components may render an entire appliance inoperative resulting in customer satisfaction issues, unnecessary warranty repair costs and bad product reviews.

We’ve seen many plastic injection molders come and go since our founding in 1968 and it’s usually for the same reasons.  Long lead times on parts, poor product quality due to inferior materials or poor processing standards often doom firms with underperforming standards.  Appliance manufacturers deserve just the opposite.  At Reliant we have one way to do things and that is based on the exacting standards from ISO 2001 + AS9100B certification that routinely meets or surpasses any home appliance operating requirements. The best materials and processing standards means functional quality you can count with visually stunning cosmetic appeal.