In-House Tool Repair Facility

Our master tool makers are involved with the design process from the beginning of the program which helps ensure that all aspects of the part design and build are addressed.  Not only do we use the most advanced software, but we use extensive real-world experience to design and build the mold.

We offer complete and full service mold design, maintenance and repair in a 5,000 S.F. temperature controlled, on-site tool room.  If a mold requires attention, our staff is ready within minutes to make the necessary repairs efficiently thus quickly reducing or eliminating production down time.

Our tool room is completely equipped with lathes, mills, surface grinders and all the machinery needed to maintain all types of molds. Our preventative maintenance and repair program for our molds keeps them in top shape through their life and allows them to achieve their guaranteed lifespan, most well over 1 million cycles.