CAD/CAM/CNC Development & Manufacturing Engineering/MOLDFLOW ANALYSIS

Reliant uses Solidworks  and other software such as AutoCAD to design parts and products.  Complicated parts can be made on our new high-tech 5-axis CNC equipment.  Using Mastercam, we can evaluate and manufacture parts with varying degrees of complexity.  We have experienced manufacturing engineers that can insure all manufacturing operations run efficiently and at the best cost, saving you money and time.

Reliant also uses Moldflow for in-depth analysis of mold designs before releasing tools into production to evaluate possible production issues.  This allows us to make changes to the design and mold far in advance of tooling release.  The use of this advanced software eliminates the guesswork and identifies the feasibility of the part design including critical issues such as gate location, wall thickness optimization and cosmetic concerns such as sink marks.