History & Founder

In 1968, Ken Fomby started doing machine work in Coppell, Texas in a small tooling building measuring just 20' x 25'.  Ken wanted the name of his new company to be representative of what they did and settled on K&D Tooling.  In 1970 Ken, his wife Doris (their initials represent the K&D) and their family moved to Gainesville, TX and started building the business there.

Tooling slowly gave way to plastic injection molding and some of the initial business was from the famed Bomber Bait company.  As business grew, Ken continued to expand and quickly was running three lure presses with a dedicated fourth larger press for a new customer - Weber Aircraft.  Ken had found a niche in the aerospace industry and continued to hire to fill the company’s expanding role in that industry.  The business grew quickly and soon more space was needed so the company was moved to its present location.  Over the course of the next 30 years, the company continued to expand into its seven acre, three building campus in Gainesville, TX.

Innovative thought on aircraft products along with K&D’s new equestrian lines lead to several patents with very competitive and unique products.  Presses continued to grow in both size and numbers and new opportunities flooded the business.   Russell, the son of Ken and Doris, worked at K&D for many years as a processor, tool maker and salesman  When the company was sold in 1999 to Arcadia, a private equity company, he carried his father’s legacy of fair prices, quality parts and straight dealing forward as the new chief executive officer.  During that sale, K&D Plastics and K&D Equestrian split and formed two different business entities.  Over the next eight years, Russell Fomby grew the business and tripled the sales.

Lone Star Investment Advisors noticed the success of K&D Plastics, and bought the company in 2007 where it still maintains controlling interest.  2009 was a year of great and innovative changes as Lone Star hired a new executive management team led by Craig Clark.  Craig has continued the founding principles of K&D while expanding its global business offerings into not just plastic injection molding but broader business partnerships focusing on the entire value chain of the company's worldwide client base.  With this expansion of capabilities, K&D Plastics changed its name to Reliant Worldwide Plastics in 2010.  This name change fits what Ken and Doris always knew this company could become: an innovative, worldwide company.   From our new world headquarters in Plano, Texas  we have succeeded in maintaining our core values and skill-set instilled so many years ago by our founder.  From humble beginnings and a great idea to innovative thought and industry leadership, Reliant Worldwide Plastics has become a source of excellence in the plastic injection molding industry.