Develop Better Products

Quality products stem from good design, workable mold designs and ensuring the long term manufacturability of your part. Reliant collaborates with clients on sustainable product development and our team of experienced engineering staff members work with the latest technology to develop quality plastic parts. We will assist you with new product development and introductions by working with your staff of engineers during the design phase of your project.

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Raise Your Component Quality

Accuracy and consistency of our material and its documentation is pivotal to our industry. Reliant is proud to be ISO 9001:2008 + AS9100C certified. AS9100C key aspects include safety, airworthiness, product conformity and reliability in the aerospace industry.

Being ISO 9001:2008 + AS9100C certified means we only have one way of doing business and that is the ISO 9001:2008 + AS9100C way.

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Cut Your Supply Chain Costs

Today’s economic environment has many companies reevaluating their value chains (or value grids) as they shift from linear to three dimensional thinking around business cross linkages and relationships.  

While some manufacturers seem resigned to push for price concessions from suppliers and ignore the true landed cost of goods, market leaders are forming stronger, broader relationships with key suppliers with aligned values and capabilities.

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